The repo restoration project at Ihumaatao began during Matariki in 2022 where the project saw over 10,000 rakau planted around the puna. It was great to return this year and continue the relationship with Te Ahiwaru Trust and Makaurau Marae whānau to build on this kaupapa and see the progress made over the year. In 2023 we organised to support Te Ahiwaru through Te Ihu o Mataoho Tours (an ahi-kaa led social enterprise focused on the preservation of the taiao surrounding Ihumaatao) with a number of planting days/activities, as described below.

Matariki Volunteer  Planting Day: 

500 native rākau were planted on the day

On the 8th July Te Ahiwaru Trust through Te Ihu o Mataoho Tours hosted a volunteer Matariki planting day in Ihumaatao in collaboration with DHL freight. Over 100 people attended the event where 1100 native trees were planted, plant pest management undertaken, and observations around the puna were recorded. There were many species present of manu, ngangara, and aquatic life.

Te Ihu o Mataoho Tours Launch: 

On the 11th July we attended and supported the launch of Te Ihu o Mataoho Tours in Ihumaatao, this enterprise is focused on providing education and information about Ihumaatao and their visions/ projects focused on climate resilience, holistic wellbeing, and the regeneration of their taiao. During the launch we led the planting activity which saw 500 native rākau planted by those in attendance to mark the occasion.

Soundscaping and observations:

Monitoring and observing what the puna on the whenua has attracted over the year.

As part of our enduring relationship with this hapori and whānau we have planned to support and engage in soundscape wānanga to monitor and observe what the puna on the whenua at Ihumaatao have attracted over the year. Already the whānau have observed an increase in manu, frogs, and insects. We are hopeful that tuna and other species have returned that once thrived in the repo years ago.

Matariki rakau planting

Holding the vision of Te Aho Tū Roa and Enviroschools