Lockdown inspired Creative Online Sharing with a Positive Outcome for Waiheke High School

2021 ES Auckland Waiheke Bronze Climate action full resolution

Waiheke High School students, staff and community can now confidently say that they are a Bronze Enviroschool. Their enthusiasm to continue the holistic reflection process was not dampened by the COVID lockdown and led to an innovative online sharing and decision-making process. 
2021 ES Auckland Waiheke sustainability grp

Waiheke High School sustainability group

We completed our school reflection online with some members of Enviroschools and are excited that Waiheke High School is officially a bronze Enviroschool! This means that we are a part of a larger network who value sustainability.

— Waiheke High School student comment

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Banner image: Waiheke students march for Climate Action.

Holding the vision of Te Aho Tū Roa and Enviroschools